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War Hill Christian Academy was established in 1986 to create an affordable, quality, Christian education. For 30 years we have watched graduating classes step forward in life with a quality education and an uncompromising foundation in in their faith.

Our Biblically based curriculum has met the needs of Home Schools and Private Schools around the world. In further preparing and equipping our students for college, we offer a fully Accredited Program, with Dual and Joint enrollment with Truett McConnell, Lanier Tech, and North Georgia University.

It is our desire to motivate and challenge each student academically, while providing for their individual needs. Our mission is to provide with in each student the hope of realizing his or hers individual dreams, a desire for learning and living, and a sense of gratitude and respect for others.

We believe that we equip our students with leadership skills, quality education and Christ centered character values.

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