Campus Pastor
Danny Morris

Danny, along with his wife Arlene, and their children, Grace & Levi, have been a part of War Hill since 1999. Danny attended Messenger College in Joplin, Missouri. He also played basketball for the Eagles and was named captain in his final seasons. Danny served in Texas and Missouri as an Associate/Youth pastor before becoming a part of War Hill.

He has served as Youth Pastor and Athletic director for the Church @ War Hill. He continues to lead the charge for the Warriors as Athletic Director for War Hill Christian Academy. He currently serves as Campus Pastor at War Hill Central, and as a member of the board of director for Victory 91.5fm. He has been on staff at the Church @ War Hill for over 16 years.

Danny has enjoyed seeing thousands come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. His passion is to lead people to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.